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Covenant of the League of Nations

View in PDF: Treaty of Versailles.pdf

See Article 1

Charter of the United Nations

Or view in PDF: UN - Charter.pdf

See Articles: 2, 4, 6, 102, and 103

Queen Elizabeth II as Constitutional Monarchy


Or view in PDF: act of settlement - 1701.pdf

View in PDF: Mr-Justice-Lightman-of-the-High-Court-Of-Justice-Chancery-Division-_-DAVID-CLAUDE-FITZGIBBON-v-HM-ATTORNEY-GENERAL.pdf


Or view in PDF: DVD transcript of We Are Young And Free.pdf

View in PDF: Is NZ Government and Courts Illegal.pdf

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK)

View it in PDF: Australian Constitution Act.PDF

Who owns The "Commonwealth of Australia" and Who owns "Queensland"??...
The USA????

US Securities Search: The Commonwealth Of Australia.pdf

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Registration of STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA 2.pdf

Do a Google search on “What is a Debits Tax”: Some results below:

Or view it in PDF: GST Verses Debit Tax.pdf


Or view it in PDF: SELWYN JOHNSTON On Debit Tax.pdf

Do a Google search on “Act of treason” Some results below:


Do a Google search on “Kevin Rudd Oath of Allegiance” Some results below:


Or view it in PDF: Majesty missing, and so was the media's focus.pdf

“Queen of Australia” Some results below:


Or view in PDF: Queen of Australia.pdf


Or view in PDF: Commonwealth-of-Australia-Gazette-No.-S108-7th-May-1990-Queens-Award-of-the-Nursing-Service-Cross.pdf

View in PDF: Queen of Australia 2.pdf

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