What We Demand

What the Free, Independent and Sovereign People of the 
Commonwealth of Australia Demand: 

To establish, within the territory of Australia, an International Tribunal to investigate, with a view to the confirmation of, the allegations contained both upon this website and within the Submission given to individual Member States of the United Nations and reproduced herewith as Australia: The Concealed Colony and as a result have all Australian governments at all levels declared invalid under international law.

To establish, within the territory of Australia, an International Criminal Tribunal to prosecute individuals who have been aiding and abetting the continuing breach of international law through the application of United Kingdom law within the territory of the sovereign nation state, the Commonwealth of Australia.

To implement such other procedures as are necessary to uphold the Charter of the United Nations.

To initiate and maintain procedures necessary to ensure the security of people residing, both individually and collectively, in the territory of the Commonwealth of Australia up to and until the successful implementation of a Constitution agreed by way of a plebiscite conducted amongst all mature Australian citizens.

To declare Australia’s representative at the United Nations to be persona non grata until such time as a representative is nominated by a Government which validly represents the sovereign and federated people of Australia, that is, the Commonwealth of Australia.

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