Australia - The Concealed Colony

This submission establishes that those exercising the power to govern over the Sovereign People of Australia do so without the authority of those same people. Instead, they govern through the application of a current Act of domestic law of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a power foreign to Australia. This submission also establishes that those indi­viduals exercising this power to govern have all individually sworn and signed an oath of allegiance to a Monarch in the sovereignty of that same foreign power, the United Kingdom.

The authors of this submission, being informed and concerned Australians, believed it reasonable to expect that politi­cians and members of the judiciary, after having been confronted with the facts of history and the demands of interna­tional law, would have declared it both necessary and urgent to create and install a valid instrument to bridge the 80 year legal void resulting from the 1919 change in sovereignty over Australia.

However, because of the outcomes of direct approaches to all high offices, including the entire court system, within Australia, it has become abundantly clear that that which would cause the Australian Government to become a legitimate member of the World Community of Governments is unattainable through civil action within Australia.

When it became clear that the necessary adjustments were "... not matters of municipal law but the law of nations and were not cognisable in (a) court(s) exercising jurisdiction under that sovereignty which is sought to be challenged" an application was made to the International Court of Justice.

Despite the convincing argument presented, the sovereign Australian people submitting the application were not granted standing by that court.

Having absolutely exhausted all other possible avenues of rectification it is now apparent that the only non violent avenue remaining open to the citizenry of Australia lies with an appeal to the international community who, being co­ signatories to the Charter of the United Nations, guarantee the Commonwealth of Australia, under Article 2, paragraphs 1 and 4, as well as various resolutions, the right to enjoy sovereignty over their affairs. That is, the right to self determi­nation, which is the most fundamental of the principles of the United Nations.

Below is the 464 page submission that was given to every Politician, media outlets, both here is Australia as well as overseas.


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