Australia Did Not Become An Independent Sovereign Nation in 1901

Australia did not become an Independent Sovereign Nation in 1901!

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) is an act of the United Kingdom Parliament. If this is the case, then this legislation did not and could not survive Australian Independence under both British and International Law. There is no means by which this legislation could be used or altered by Australia after independence. Although there is a close and friendly relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom, the High Court of Australia stated "The United Kingdom is still a foreign power".

Hong Kong is a modern day example of what happens when a British Colony attains sovereignty - all British law was extinguished.

Who says that Australia did not become an independent sovereign nation in 1901? Our founding fathers, who wrote the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, said so. Here are their actual comments about that constitution as recorded by history!

1. Alfred Deakin: "There is no pretence of claiming the power of peace or war, or exercising power outside our territories".

2. Samuel Griffith: "We do not take anything away from the Parliament of Great Britain".

3. John Forrest: "If we were founding an independent nation it might be a very appropriate term. That, however, is not the case". John Forrest was objecting to using the name 'The Commonwealth of Australia'.

4. Henry Parkes: "Federation is not independence. It is a chance for the colonies more effectively to unite with the Mother-country in forming an Empire such as has never yet been formed".

5. Charles Kingston: "The Federation must be consistent with allegiance to the Crown and the power of the Imperial Parliament to legislate for the whole of the Empire if it chose".

6. J.Quick & R.Garran: Authors of "The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth" written in 1901. Both played major roles in the actual drafting of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

(4) IMPERIAL RELATIONSHIP:- "By the preamble the Commonwealth is declared to be "Under the Crown;" it is constitutionally a subordinate, and not an independent Sovereign community, or state. But its population is so great, its territory so vast, the obvious scope and intention of the scheme of union are so comprehensive, whilst its political organization is of such a superior type, that it is entitled to a designation which, whilst not conveying the idea of complete sovereignty and independence, will serve to distinguish it from an ordinary provincial society".

As anyone can easily see Australia did not become an independent nation in 1901, nor was that ever an option in the eyes of our founding fathers! When did Australia attain independence? The Office of Legal Affairs of the Secretary General of the United Nations documents it as 10th January 1920!

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