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Are you being pursued unfairly through an alleged Court of Law by the Banks, Local Councils, Government Departments (such as the Police for traffic or parking infringements), or alternatively hounded by Debt Collection Agencies and don’t know what you can do to fight back?

Once you understand that the Government (Federal, State and Local Councils) including the various Government Departments (Tax or Police Departments, etc.) and the whole Judicial System are totally illegal and invalid for the reasons covered within this website and that if your Human Rights are violated, you can then place on notice those people or institutions wanting to infringe on you financially.

(Refer to the document called ‘You have been put on Notice!!!’ found also at the BOTTOM of this page, or alternatively the relevant defence documents if you have a Court Matter pending).

If they then continue to persist with their action to force you to pay against your will, whether by a Court Order or a Letter of Demand, you may be able to pursue a Human Rights Compensation Claim against them.

The following documentation below is provided as a guide to allow you to accumulate the evidence you will need to pursue a claim for compensation against individuals in your country and/or the British government which assists them. If someone is impinging on your human rights (including economic rights) you might well be in a position to make a compensation claim for Human Rights abuse.

To do so you will need all the evidence you can accumulate against those from whom you will be claiming. Imagine that at some point in the near future, you will have to prove everything you did to notify and educate these people. For each and everyone against whom you are collecting evidence, you will need to have everything documented as proof for when YOU pursue them!!

This will include the presiding Judge or Magistrate, the Police Prosecutor or the other opposing Law Firm and their Solicitor, the Police Officer or the Sheriff acting on behalf of the Court, any Debt Collector or Collection Agency and the other party instigating and continuing the action against you, after you have placed them on notice.

Buy yourself a lever-arch folder and keep copies of all your documentation somewhere safe.
Keep in mind that if you approach most lawyers (even yours) with this information, they will most likely dispute the information for three reasons. The first is that it is a possible threat to them financially, secondly that unless they have qualifications in International and Constitutional Law, their belief system will not accept the evidence, or thirdly they do not want to go up against the Judicial System and the Law Society!

Under the Human Rights Charter, the Compensation Claim for ‘Economic Deprivation’ under British Law, is at the top end of the penalty scale with a maximum multi-million UK £ (Pound) payout. Now we are not stating or guaranteeing that you will ever receive that, or any amount of money, however unless you use this information as part of your defence and retain the evidence of doing so, you will not be able to mount a claim.

In order for us to rectify this rampant corruption in our political and judicial systems and bring about the desired result to change these systems, we need to educate the many millions of people in the countries that are affected, as this will be the most decisive way in which we will win a victory, as these people in power will not give up their positions easily. Only through the masses of people being made aware of the truth, will positive change become imminent!

It will also be the only way to ensure any possible Human Rights claim, in which if eligible, you will receive a lucrative compensation payout for the duress, anguish and financial suffering you have endured!

So start right now by forwarding this website link to ALL your family, friends and colleagues!! Below are some links for the Human Rights Act, 1998 (UK), for you to reference:

These are some links for the Human Rights Act, 1998 (UK) Compensation

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