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Covenant of the League of Nations 

See Article 1

Charter of the United Nations 

See Articles: 2, 4, 6, 102, and 103

Queen Elizabeth II as Constitutional Monarchy

The Following Web Pages Are From The Indymedia Website: 

Elderly lady paves the way and to expose the illegality of the EU which is against ALL our Constitutional Rights which have been hidden from the British People. We do indeed have a Constitution and the propoganda that we do not is FALSE!

This article examines the legitimacy of Canada being a real country and exposing that the Government of Canada is a de facto one. Further examines the courts of Canada and shows what they are doing in tricking Canadians into thinking that they have jurisdiction over the people, when in fact they don't. Canada is nothing more than an extortion racket for the British Crown and International Bankers in London.

Has Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland broken Her own law, European law and International law? Who is advising this woman?

Do a Google search on “Who own the Reserve Bank Of Australia” Some results below: 

Do a Google search on “What is a Debits Tax”: Some results below: 

Do a Google search on “Act of treason” Some results below: 


Do a Google search on “Kevin Rudd Oath of Allegiance” Some results below: 

“Queen of Australia” Some results below:$file/2006-09-21+ToR.pdf

Principality Of Range View:


See If You Can Work This One Out!!.. GOODS AND SERVICES TAX

Look Under The Hon. M.D. RANN (Leader of the Opposition):  

Section 165-55 of the act States That You Can Be Somewhere Or Not Somewhere, Even Though You Weren't There Or You Where As Well As Doing Something Or Not Doing Something, Even Though You Did Or Didn't Do It!!!!

HANSARD-4-561 Page

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